Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tom's TV Debut

Spring Pictures

Our family on Easter Sunday, March 2008.

Who's taller?

I still think it's close, but he thinks he's way taller than me. Ryan reminds us that I'm the one not growing, so whatever the margin, Tommy is officially taller than me.

Alyssa's Surgery

The tooth is on the top, to the right of her front tooth.

Alyssa had this oddly-shaped baby tooth that wouldn't fall out. Come to find out, she has an extra permanent tooth growing that needs to be removed. We scheduled her oral surgery, and I went in with her to get her settled. The doctor came in and never asked me to leave, so I stayed in during the procedure. Needless to say, it was quite gruesome. They hacked into the roof of her mouth with a mini-crowbar tool to dig that tooth out. They really go at it, not with nice little gentle cuts. I started feeling a little dizzy and I thought I might pass out while I was watching, so I diverted my eyes to prevent that. Anyway, it was quick and relatively painless (while she was medicated). She is healing nicely and we just hope the permanent tooth comes in like it should.

Mom's visit

Lauren snapped this picture of Mom and me when we were at Adrienne's house in January. I'm just a little behind in posting it.