Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nutcracker 2008

Lauren and Alyssa were in the Nutcracker this year. They both take jazz and ballet. They were excited about their bigger parts this year. Lauren is really into lifts and she and a friend started off the jazz performance with a double cartwheel that was really cool. They had several costume changes, the green shirts are from their jazz dance. The yellow costumes are from Marzipan, their final dance in the Nutcracker. Below are videos, the first is just the double cartwheel, the second video is the rest of the jazz dance. The last is the Marzipan dance.

Tommy's first date

Tommy went with some friends to the Junior Prom. He is a sophomore, but these friends are juniors. He rented a tux and we even got to host part of their progressive dinner. They looked great and even though the power went out at the dance, they had a fun night.

Our Christmas Card

In a moment of December hecticness, Tom and I decided that we would save some time and skip sending Christmas cards this year. To be honest, it wasn't worth it! As the fun cards and photos started rolling in from our family and friends, I wished we had sent something out. Our family is healthy, happy, and busy. We are truly blessed beyond measure and we love to celebrate the birth of our Savior at this time of year.
I am sorry we weren't represented in your Chirstams card holder this year, but watch for us next year. We won't skip again!

Reunion Park Day

After the mom pedicures, we all went for a picnic and playing at a great park. We all wore our new family t-shirts. There was basketball, whiffle ball, playgrounds, and an ampitheater for dance performances. The day flew by, with so many things to do and so many people to talk to and get reacquianted with!

After a the day at the park, the adults had a late dinner at PF Chang's. Our family had to leave early the next day to catch our flight. What a wonderful week!


Friday morning after Thanksgiving, while most of the world was shopping big sales, the Andros ladies were getting pediucures.

Reunion- Jump Man Jump

We had a fun gathering day in Richmond at Jump Man Jump. It was two big rooms full of excited cousins and their parents. It was a great place for the kids to play and the adults to visit...and play too. We had some fun on the obstacle course. We had pizza and browinies after. These photos are from the age 9-up cousin room.

Andros Family Reunion!

The Andros family, all 69 of us, got together for a few days over Thanksgiving weekend. The kids and I flew out for a week in Virginia. We spent the first half with Mom and Dad and then second half of the week in Richmond.

Following are some photos of the highlights.

Our sightseeing day was the best ever! Dad took us and chauffered us around town. We saw so much in just one day. We went in the Washington Monument, the Library of Congress
(for just a second), the Archives, the Natural History museum. We saw the White house and many monuments that we usually don't see on the Metro. We went to Arlington National Cememtery, which was a first for me. We had a few cousins with us, which made it even better!

We were at the Library of Congress long enough for a picture with the Capitol in the background.

After seeing the documents in the Archives.

A carful of cousins all excited about our day. This was at the beginning, they weren't nearly as enthusiastic by the end of the day!

Disappointing Loss

As the election results were counted, we were disappointed to see that Tom lost the run for judge by a narrow margin. We were ahead for part of the vote-counting, and it was reported in a few papers that it was too close to call, but he was ahead. He got a lot of congratulations from people who were embarassed to find out he really lost. He even got a letter from one of our state elected officials congratulating him on his new job.
It is truly disappointing to put your heart into something and not get it, but we are happy he has a job he loves to continue onward with.