Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Campaigning on the 4th of July

This is the part of the volunteer group after breakfast and before heading out to Fernley, Fallon, and Yerington. Tom and the Birds went to the parade in Fernley and ran a booth at the fair there. They got lots of help from the Otuafi family in Fernley. Dorothy and Tom's friend Ron went to Yerington to run a booth. The girls and I got help from Kevin and Amy and their kids in the Fallon parade. The second picture is Alyssa, Me, Lauren, Claire, Logan and Ashley on our float at the Fallon parade. We gave out a ton of candy (but we could have used about double what we had!), lots of fridge magnets, and saw many supportive people on the parade routes. We met people at the booths, all wiith a really positive response. It makes us excited for the next event, a parade in Yerington for the Lyon County Fair in August.

4th of July

The best part about the 4th of July is Lauren's birthday. She turned 14! It was a busy campaigning day for us, so we did a birthday breakfast. This is the birthday girl and the fruit flag before the meal got going.

Girl's Camp Birthday

I turned 39 at Girl's Camp in Mammoth, CA. The first-year girls in my camp made a banner for me and Lauren bought me the book "The Host" (completely without my knowledge, she got it at the BYU bookstore!") and brought it up to camp. She ran to my camp on the morning of my birthday with that gift and a sweet card from Alyssa. I got lots of songs and treats from the girls and leaders. I went on a beautiful hike in the mountains, had all my meals prepared for me, ate treats from a yummy bakery sitting by the litlte stream in our camp, took a nice shower and had testimony meeting that night with many stake visitors. A great day really, but the best part was that I got to see my family the next day.

Alyssa's Spring Dance Recital

Alyssa's dance recital was called "A Walk in the Park." She danced beautifully and it was a joy to watch her!

Park City trip

Ryan and I went to Park City, Utah for a day before picking up Tommy and Lauren in Provo from EFY. At Ryan's request, we went on the zipline and alpine slide. Even though I have done both before, it was really scary for me when we started going up the ski lift. You can see from the picture how high up it is. Despite the fact that I really prefer to have my feet on the ground, we did the zipline once and the slide twice and it was very fun.

Alyssa's violin recital

Alyssa started playing the violin in Feb. 2008. I know I'm her mother, but I think she is really good. This is her playing at her recital. She played a solo and a trio. (Next time I'll video and post that so you can listen! I'm still learning.)

Take me out to the ball game!

We had fun watching Ryan play baseball this year. He wasn't sure he wanted to play this season, but he had fun once he got going. This is Ryan at bat and again on first base.