Saturday, October 18, 2008

The campaigning continues

Jetway Chevrolet donated the use of their big billboard truck for Tom's campaign.
It is a great truck because it is so visible. We got permission to park it in Yerington and we were happy about the location. Tom ordered these banners, but it was tricky getting them attached so that the truck was road-worthy. Here are some pictures of the process.

Birthday ear piercing

Alyssa turned 10, the magic age for ear piercing in our famiy. She was a bit scared by the process, but she is happy about it now.

And the injuries continue...

Tommy took a hard hit in a football game and his coach thought he had broken a rib. He was urinating blood, like a lot of it for at least 5 days. After a few doctor visits and a CAT scan, he was diagnosed with a severely bruised kidney. He can have no contact or exercise for 8 weeks, a diagnosis that is akin to death for him because if you don't have football, what else is there in life?

Then Alyssa fell yesterday in school and hurt her arm. She didn't say anything, just went and ate lunch and went back to class. Her teacher noticed she was pale and sweating, probably going into shock, and sent her to the nurse. She told the nurse about her fall and she could see it was quite swollen. We got her to the ER for X-rays and found she fractured her radius in her arm. She will be in a cast for 6-8 weeks. That also means no violin, no ballet, and no jazz for her, at least for a while. She was quite a brave little girl about the whole thing. She has been enjoying resting on the couch with her arm on a pillow watching movies.

We are hoping to avoid any more injuries and stay out of the ER for a while.